domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

We are looking for a PhD student to study quantitative trait variation
in a long-term study of mountain goats. The study is a long-term
collaboration between Steeve Côté (Laval University) and Dave Coltman
(University of Alberta). The research involves demanding fieldwork at
Caw Ridge, Alberta, for several weeks per year as well as genotyping
and DNA sequencing in a state of the art molecular ecology laboratory.
Prospective candidates must have an M.Sc. or B.Sc. (Hons.) degree with
research experience in evolutionary ecology and be competitive for
institutional, provincial and national scholarships. Canadians and
non-Canadians are welcome to apply.
The student will be based at the University of Alberta, Department of
Biological Sciences (
in the Coltman lab
( PhD students
in Biological Sciences have access to 5 years of guaranteed funding.

If you have some combination of the following qualifications and assets:
- field experience
- molecular ecology laboratory experience
- background in population or quantitative genetics
- publication track record
- experience in or willingness to learn bioinformatics and genomics
- ability to work in a team
- fluency in English and familiarity with French (or better)
and you wish to apply, contact Dave Coltman (
with your CV, statement of research interests, and names of 2

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