viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

PhD positions, Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics

Over the past years, Vienna has developed into one of the leading centres of
population genetics. The Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics has
been founded to provide a training opportunity for PhD students to build on
this excellent on site expertise.
We invite applications from highly motivated and outstanding students with a
background in one of the following disciplines: bioinformatics, statistics,
evolutionary genetics, functional genetics, theoretical and experimental
population genetics. Students from related disciplines, such as physics or
mathematics are also welcome to apply.
*Available topics include:*
•Probabilistic models for the population genetics of molecular evolution
•Inferring selection using *Drosophila* whole genome sequence data
New algorithm and models to analyze population genetic massive parallel sequence data
• Experimental evolution in *Drosophila*
• Evolution of gene expression in *Drosophila*
• Evolution of transposable elements in *Drosophila*
• Natural variation in transposable element defense systems
• Tracing the genomic signature of hybridization between *D. mauritiana
* and *D. simulans*
• Functionally important variation in lifespan and other life history
traits in natural and experimental evolution populations
• Mathematical models of spatially varying selection in subdivided
• Statistical methods for detecting selective sweeps using genome-wide
• Population genetic estimators from NGS data: assessing the power for
methods for genome scans of selection
• The nature of differentiation between two closely related species of
• The footprint of adaptive gene introgression after secondary contact

Only full applications (CV, motivation letter, university certificates,
indication of the two preferred topics in a single pdf) received by *
08.01.2012* will be considered. Two letters of recommendation need to be
sent directly by the referees.
All information about the about the Vienna Graduate School of Population
Genetics, the training program and the application procedure can be found at

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