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Two PhD, Monash University, Melbourne

Two PhD projects will be offered from 2012 in the Evolutionary & Invasion Biology research group at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (
The two projects are part of a long-term research project on the invasion
dynamics of the delicate skink, *Lampropholis delicata*. The delicate skink
is native to eastern Australia, but has successfully invaded several regions
of the Pacific (New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands, Lord Howe Island). Previous
research in the group has used molecular markers to identify the source
population(s) for each introduction, examined post-introduction molecular
and morphological evolution, and investigated the behavioural traits that
enhance the likelihood of human-assisted dispersal.

Project 1: The role of behaviour and behavioural syndromes in the invasion
success of the delicate skink:
Recent research has indicated that particular behavioural traits, or suites
of correlated traits (behavioural syndromes), may enhance the success of
introduced species at particular stages of the invasion process. The project
will use a series of field and laboratory-based studies to investigate the
role of behaviour in the success of the delicate skink as an invasive
species. The project will be co-supervised by Dr Bob Wong (Monash

Project 2: Evolutionary ecology and climatic adaptation of invasive delicate
skink populations:
This project will involve a series of field and laboratory-based experiments
to investigate climatic adaptation in *Lampropholis* and the invasive
populations of the delicate skink. The study will examine populations across
both the native and introduced range. It will also examine the behavioural
interactions in the introduced range among individuals from genetically
divergent source populations (i.e admixture). The project will be
co-supervised by Prof Mike Thompson (University of Sydney).

Interested students should email their CV (including details of two academic
referees), academic record, and research interests to Dr David Chapple ( by Monday 3rd October. For each project, one
applicant will be selected to complete and submit an online PhD scholarship
application by the 31st October deadline (a mid-year scholarship round
[31stMay] may be available for highly-qualified students who are
unable to make the October deadline).
Students will need to successfully obtain a PhD scholarship. Australian and
New Zealand citizens can apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or
Monash Graduate Scholarship (MGS). International students can apply for an
IPRS or Monash Graduate Scholarship. For further information regarding PhD
entry requirements see:
Dr David Chapple
Lecturer in Evolutionary & Invasion Biology
School of Biological Sciences
Monash University
Clayton VIC 3800, Australia

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