domingo, 25 de septiembre de 2011

Ph.D. Opportunities in Evolutionary Ecology, Syracuse University

We are seeking exceptional students interested in studying the evolutionary
ecology of species interactions in a dynamic, multi-lab setting. Our labs
focus on studies of mutualism, coevolution, specialization, and speciation,
and we use a combination of diverse tools including field studies,
molecular phylogenetics, and population genetics. Although we primarily
examine plant-insect and parasitoid-host coevolution, students interested in
other taxonomic groups are strongly encouraged to apply. Research is
question-driven rather than taxon-driven. Please visit our faculty pages
for more information about ongoing projects in our labs
For successful candidates, funding is guaranteed via teaching assistantships
and research assistantships are pending. Syracuse University offers
excellent benefits, a full tuition waiver, and a generous stipend (~$25K for
2011). Furthermore, the close proximity of S.U. to SUNY-Environmental
Science and Forestry and Cornell makes this a strong and vibrant community
that facilitates an exciting graduate experience.

Ph.D. positions in the Segraves and Althoff labs are available for Spring
and Fall 2012.
Prospective students are encouraged to contact either Dr.
Kari Segraves ( or Dr. David Althoff ( and
to complete a free, on-line pre-application form available at:

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