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Graduate Program in Bioanthropology

The Graduate Program in Bioanthropology in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Florida (www.anthro.ufl.edu/biological_program.shtml) is recruiting doctoral level graduate students for Fall 2012. Please contact the following biological and biocultural anthropology faculty if you are interested in applying to our program:
Sue Boinski, PhD, Primate evolution, ecology, and social behavior, www.anthro.ufl.edu/faculty/Boinski.shtml
David Daegling, PhD, Skeletal biomechanics, primate mastication, dental microwear, norphometrics, www.anthro.ufl.edu/faculty/Daegling.shtml
Clarence C. Gravlee, PhD, Biocultural approaches to health and human development, human biological variation, race and racism, culture, stress, and disease, Puerto Rico, U.S., lowland South America, http://www.gravlee.org
John Krigbaum, PhD, Paleoanthropology, bioarchaeology, human osteology, paleopathology, paleodiet reconstruction, Southeast Asia, www.anthro.ufl.edu/faculty/Krigbaum.shtml
Connie Mulligan, PhD, Human genetic variation, genetics of complex disease, New World/Asia colonization, migrations out of Africa, ancient DNA, Yemen, Democratic Republic of Congo, U.S., Mongolia, www.anthro.ufl.edu/faculty/Mulligan.shtml
Michael Warren, PhD, Forensic identification and trauma analysis, human variation, and analysis of cremated remains, www.anthro.ufl.edu/faculty/Warren.shtml
Alyson Young, PhD, human biology/adaptability, nutrition, child growth, and long-term consequences of early environments, Tanzania, Kenya, http://alysongyoung.wordpress.com
For more information on our graduate program see http://www.anthro.ufl.edu/graduate.shtml
The deadline for receipt of all application materials for the PhD program is December 15, 2011 (http://www.anthro.ufl.edu/graduate_instructions.shtml).
For additional assistance, e-mail our Graduate Program Assistant, Juanita Bagnall, jjba@ufl.edu

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