miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Graduate position: Evolutionary status of Icelandic subspecies of birds

A three year graduate position is available at the University of Iceland to study Icelandic subspecies of birds. Several bird species in Icelandhave a subspecies status. The aim of the project is to evaluate theirstatus and test whether it is supported by historical divergence from other related subspecies or if the divergence has been driven by recent evolutionary forces. The project will be based on analysis of DNA variation and morphological data.
The applicant should hold an M.Sc. degree in Biology. Background and interest in evolutionary biology, birds, and in application of molecular and statistical methods in biology is advantageous.
The position is for three years and is financed by the University of Iceland Research Fund. Candidates will be selected based on their education, research interest, former work and letters of recommendation.
For further information contact Snæbjörn Pálsson, snaebj@hi.is, Associate professor at the Life and Environmental Sciences (http://www.hi.is/~snaebj).
The application should be sent to snaebj@hi.is, before the June 30th.

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