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2 PhD positions: Evolution, Symbiosis and Population Genomics:

We are seeking 2 highly motivated students with an interest in molecular biology, genomics and/or evolutionary ecology to join our group working on symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi.
These important fungi form mutualistic symbioses with most plants, improving plant growth and influencing diversity of ecosystems. The fungi have a highly unusual genome organization, harbouring genetically different nuclei that are passed from one generation to the next (Hijri & Sanders, Nature 2005) and this has important consequences on plant growth (See Angelard et al. 2010 in Current Biology). The main goals of our research are to understand how the genetics and multiple genomes act on these fungi and how this can be used to create more beneficial strains of the fungi for use in sustainable agriculture and the environment.

A selection of possible projects include:
-Stability/heritability of fungal traits associated with improved growth of rice and cassava
-Evolutionary genomics and population genomics / transcriptomics of the mycorrhizal symbiosis
-Population genetics of mycorrhizal fungi in natural or agricultural systems
-Linking quantitative changes in genetically different nuclei with important plant phenotypic traits

The candidate should be familiar with ecology and evolution or molecular biology or genomics/bioinformatics and have an interest in applying this knowledge to evolutionary & ecological questions. He/she should also be willing to interact with the other group members working on evolution and population biology of mycorrhizal fungi (see list of recent publications on our web site).

The successful candidate must have a Masters degree (MSc) or equivalent in order to qualify for our PhD program. We are located in the Department of Ecology and Evolution (DEE) at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). The Department is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva and provides a pleasant & exciting research environment and a strong PhD program. It is also one of the largest institutions in Europe for research in ecology and evolutionary biology, comprising 17 different research groups. A genomics research centre also exists at the same site.

Ability to speak and write English is essential.

The studentships are for a period of 3 years. Starting date ideally by October 2011. Closing date for application is 16 July 2011. To apply, applicants should send a CV plus a letter of motivation by EMAIL to Ian Sanders, Dept of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Email: ian.sanders@unil.ch: Tel: +41 21 692 426

More details can be found about our group at: http://www.unil.ch/dee/page7238.html and

Ian R. Sanders
Professor of Evolutionary Biology
Dept. of Ecology & Evolution
University of Lausanne
Biophore Building
1015 Lausanne
Tel (direct): +41 21 692 4261
Tel (Secretary): +41 21 692 4260
Fax: +41 21 692 4265
Email: ian.sanders@unil.ch
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