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ANT COURSE 2011, Portal, Arizona, USA, August 4-14

Southwestern Research Station (SWRS), Portal, AZ, USA August 4-14, 2011

Application form:

COURSE OBJECTIVES. - ANT COURSE is designed for systematists, ecologists, behaviorists, conservation biologists, and other biologists whose research responsibilities require a greater understanding of ant taxonomy and field research techniques. Emphasis is on the identification of the ant genera and species occurring in North America. Lectures will include background information on the ecology, life histories and evolution of ants. Field trips are structured to teach collecting and sampling techniques, and associated lab work provides instruction on specimen preparation, sorting and labeling. Information on equipment/supply vendors, literature, and myrmecological contacts are also presented.

PARTICIPANT ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA. - ANT COURSE is open to all interested individuals. Priority will be given to those students for whom the course will have a significant impact on their research with ants. An entomological background is not required. We aim to include students with a diverse interest in biology, including ant systematics, ecology, behavioral biology, genetics, and conservation. The high instructor to student ratio will allow students to receive individual attention. ANT COURSE is presented in English and limited to 30 participants

FELLOWSHIPS. - Four fellowships are available for 2011. Two fellowships cover tuition fees and two fellowships cover station fees. Foreign students may apply for additional fellowships to assist in travel. Those interested in attending the course should seek all possible avenues to secure funding for the course. You should only apply for the Ant Course fellowship if you cannot find other support and it is essential for your participation in the course. Beware that if you apply for an ant course fellowship it implies that fellowship funding is essential to your participation in the course. Thus, if you are not selected for a fellowship, you might not be accepted into the course. Please notify the course if your funding request status changes before the application due date.

COURSE APPLICATION. - Application and course information at http://www.antweb.org. The first step is to fill out a form at: https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=3DdGNTcVh1ZzVGNjd1aVU5cnV1dWZNbVE6MA

In addition, you must also submit a CV, personal statement, and letter of reference to AntCourse@gmail.com.

By April 5, you will be notified that your application is complete. If you do not receive a confirmation that your application has been received by April 5, please contact Brian Fisher at AntCourse@gmail.com. You will be notified of your acceptance to the Course around APRIL 15-20.

ANT COURSE is limited to 30 participants. Selection of participants will be carried out by committee, based on your reasons for wishing to take the course at this time. Priority will be given to those students for whom the course will have a significant impact on their research with ants. Because the Course will be offered yearly, and because many well-qualified candidates cannot be accepted because of limited capacity, we urge applicants not selected for this session to apply again the following year.

Application and course information at http://www.antweb.org

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