jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011


I invite applications from motivated students for graduate degree work in the area of evolutionary ecology and evolutionary genetics of invasive species at the University of Rhode Island. Funding will be provided either as research or teaching assistantships, depending on student background and availability. Applicants should be independent, highly motivated, and possess some research and/or field experience. Students with experience using molecular techniques (i.e., DNA extraction, PCR, DNA sequencing, microsatellite genotyping) or conducting GIS-based spatial analyses are encouraged to apply.
Research in our lab generally addresses the evolutionary dynamics of biological invasions using Anolis lizards as a model system. We use molecular markers to reconstruct invasion histories and test factors that facilitate or constrain phenotypic evolution during invasions. Detailed information about my research is available at http://web.me.com/jjkolbe
Prospective students should contact me (Jason Kolbe via email at jjkolbe@mail.uri.edu) and provide a short description of research interests and accomplishments, a CV (including GPA and GRE scores), and contact information for three references. I will contact suitable candidates to discuss potential graduate projects and to set up an interview.
Jason J. Kolbe
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Rhode Island
CBLS 189, 120 Flagg Rd.
Kingston, RI 02881 USA
Email: jjkolbe@mail.uri.edu
Website: http://web.me.com/jjkolbe

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