martes, 17 de marzo de 2009

Mexican field interns

Would you have any suggestions of folks that I can contact in Mexico that maybe able to help me recruit 1-2 Mexican college students, interns, or beginnerfield biologists that can assist with field work in Sonora.
I have somefunding that must be used for improving capacity of Mexicans to conductbiological work.I have tow projects that require help.
1) involves estimating post-fledglingsurvival and natal dispersal in ferruginous pygmy-owls in the deserts ofnorthern Sonora. and
2) involves surveys of birds and vegetation in the highSky Island Mountains of northern Sonora. We will be working with CONANP onthat second project. to visit a sample of mountains and doing point counts andvegetation measurements over the next couple seasons.
I'd like to hire 1 to 2 Mexican student interns or young biologists that can assist with these projects from late April through August.
The work willinvolve radio telemetry (owls) and vegetation sampling (Sky Islands).
Interns will not necessarily need to conduct point counts but they will be given the chance to learn birds, radio tracking, trapping, and vegetation sampling.
Ican provide housing in northern Sonora as well and $400-500 US per month assalary.
I will also make some of the data available for student thesis projects so that the experience can compliment their degree programs.

Do you know anyone that may be interested in helping? Or someone in Sonora (or anywhere in Mexico) that we could contact for suggestions?
Thanks for your time and help on this.

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